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Domain Name Value

What do I know about domain name values?

I am the Unofficial Winner* of the

"Domain Registration Challenge"
How good are your domaining skills and methods?

Webwork Said:

"Your analysis and approach to picking a domain is spot on. Add to the analysis 1 measure of personal interest (guess I know what merit badge project is taking place ;) + a niche market selection and it's a perfect marriage. It's the beauty of commerce and personal interest."  (Webwork is the moderator of the domain names forum at webmaster world)

Yes my Screen name is HarleyGuy

Here I am with Brent Tabke from Webmasterworld

*(The winner was never picked and I had the best comments from the judge. So yes that makes me the unofficial winner)

   Watch what I know about domain names




Traffic is a major factor.

What do people search for?

You need to know what it is that people search for.

If lots of people search for what you domain name states, that's good.


I purchased my first domain in January 1998. That's almost 10 years ago.

I have single handedly build websites that attract millions of visitors each and every year.

I have read the books, bought the courses, and studied the real pro's.

Like Frank Schilling and Rick Schwartz.

So what do I know about domain name values?

Not much!

How could I? The industry changes so quickly.

Bottom line is that a domain name is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.


So how much are you willing to offer me for my domains?

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